"oh just wait until you found yourself a nice boy, you will want kids then."


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about the blogger


name: becca
birthday: 12th may
zodiac: taurus
single or taken: single
height: 5’ 9”
eye color: brown, hazel, sometimes green idek
middle name: charlotte
favorite color: sky blue
lucky number: 13


hogwarts house: probably hufflepuff tbh xD
favorite fictional character: lightning
favorite television show: at the moment: orphan black
favorite season: autumn
describe yourself in a few words: stupid, dumb, silly lol
future children’s names: i don’t want children atm, but idk what i would call them if i did have them 
meaning of your name: no idea but my surname means ground in german  
ultimate otp: FANILLE [RIPS OFF SHIRT]
what do you plan to/do for a living: graphic designer
starbucks order: chocolate frappuccino

introvert or extrovert (i’m both tbh, i’m outgoing but i like time by myself a lot)
dawn or dusk
righty or lefty
coffee or tea
rain or shine
reading or writing

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default album art
The Scientist (feat. Hannah Trigwell)
Boyce Avenue · Cover Collaborations, Vol. 3
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Would you say I became a hero? -> Inspired by and dedicated to Eli (grand-piano)

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